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14.01.2017 05:17 - Cheap Jerseys Wholesale bacon is over here
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Martellus Bennett is right: Bacon is really excellent Everyone know that bacon is great. There are people who try to deny this -- the vegetarians, the pork snobs, your casual contrarians -- but their logic always falls apart because of one unconquerable truth: Bacon is delicious. You know who agrees? Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett. And you know how I know? He said the word "bacon" 28 times in 67 seconds in front of his locker on Thursday. I don"t know what the gateway question was here and it doesn"t NCAA Jerseys wholesale matter. "No one likes Canadian bacon." "I mean, it"s not. I mean, it"s like a different form of ham. I prefer crispy bacon, American bacon. Good, good American bacon. The grease, the kind that crunches when you chew it. You don"t even chew it, you just bite it. Crunchy bacon. Bacon"s delicious. I haven"t met too many people who don"t ... My wife don"t even like pork and she eats bacon so ... Wholesale Jerseys I mean, bacon doesn"t even count. It"s like in its own food category. Bacon is like, it"s bacon like there"s everything else and Cheap Jerseys Wholesale bacon is over here. [points to higher place on the food chain] I like bacon." "Yes! You put bacon around scallops, and bacon around other things, bacon is ... bacon on a burger, bacon on a pizza, bacon on ... bacon at any time is good." "Salad"s good. Cheap Jerseys Online Bacon bits. Real bacon though. Bacon"s good. I like bacon. I said that a couple times, but bacon"s good. My dog eats bacon. Who doesn"t like bacon? Bacon"s delicious. I know that"s not the question but bacon"s really good!" The only person I know who doesn"t like bacon is Jules Winnfield and he"s a fictional character in a movie that came out 22 years ago. Bacon"s good. More information can follow http://www.cheapjerseys.shop, thank you!


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